Louisville Water Company, Kentucky

GRW has completed several geospatial projects for the Louisville Water Company over the last decade.

Initial GIS Database Development (2002 – 2004)

The initial GIS project for the Louisville Water Company, from 2002 to 2004, involved the creation of the LWC GIS database. The database involved a variety of sources including approximately 75,000 GPS points, as-built drawings, CADD files, database files, and spreadsheets. The completed GIS database contained over 2,000,000 vector features and was delivered and installed using the ESRI SDE GeoDatabase format in 2004. ESRI awarded GRW a Foundation Business Partner Award for our work on this project.

As-Built Drawing Scanning/Linking (2002 - 2003)

GRW installed a scanner in the LWC office and placed a full-time employee to operate the scanner at LWC for approximately 6 months. During this period, approximately 25,000 separate as-built drawings and design drawings were scanned, bar-coded and linked to the GIS database through a custom developed polygon feature class and as- built viewing application.

Initial Application Development (2004)

As the construction of the initial GIS database drew to a close, GRW worked closely with LWC to design, develop and install a series of custom applications that allowed LWC to maximize the return on their GIS investment. The custom applications included:

  • Data Maintenance Toolbar/Utilities
  • Valve Book Generation Program
  • Map Atlas Generation Program
  • Web-Based Spatial Pipeline Infrastructure Network (SPIN) Application

The SPIN application was developed using the ESRI ArcIMS platform and included a variety of custom functions such as address geo-coding, valve isolation, as-built viewing, CADD viewing, atlas map production, and a link to the LWC customer information database.

Ongoing Data Maintenance ( 2005-2008)

The GRW GIS Team assisted the LWC GIS staff with ongoing GIS data maintenance, QA/QC and data loading. The GIS data updates were performed using the ESRI disconnected editing functionality which allowed the GRW staff and the LWC staff to simultaneously edit and update the LWC GIS database.

Plant Drawing Management System (2010)

GRW was recently hired to develop a custom Plant Drawing Management System (PDMS). The PDMS application is based on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform with a Flex API and allows users to query, retrieve, display and print drawing and photographs associated with the LWC treatment plants, buildings, pump stations and storage tanks.