• The Fountains at Palomar Mixed-Use Site Development, Lexington, KY
     The Fountains at Palomar Mixed-Use Site Development, Lexington, KY

GRW is assisting a local development firm with a phased, 118,466 SF, mixed-use project located at the corner of Harrodsburg Road and Man O War Boulevard in Lexington, KY.

The first phase included preparing a preliminary development plan, as well as a preliminary construction budget. As part of this phase, GRW also completed preliminary engineering to develop concepts for grading, drainage, roadways, lot layout, and utilities.

The second phase involved preparation of a zoning amendment submittal, as well as a final development plan for three major project sites. For phase three, GRW prepared construction documents for shared access roads, sidewalks, and retaining walls needed to create marketable sites. A mass grading plan also was prepared; this plan provide pad-ready building sites aligned with grades of the new internal roads. Construction documents for all entrances also were completed. 

As part of phase three, GRW has provided utility infrastructure design and coordination for all new and relocated utilities serving the development – as well as assisting the preparation/submission of various permits (stormwater, land disturbance, encroachment, etc.)