Ohio River Bridges Update

GRW is part of the engineering design team for the Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Crossing; construction is expected to be complete 19 months ahead of schedule.

Recently reported by The Courier-Journal, the Ohio River Bridges Project is ahead of schedule and under budget. Current projections indicate the project will cost $240 million less than expected, and the Downtown Crossing may be completed 19 months early. In a report to the Federal Highway Administration, Kentucky and Indiana officials attribute the savings to design and construction efficiencies for the Downtown and Eastend Crossings.

As part of the engineering team for the Downtown Crossing, GRW's project responsibilities encompass design of utility relocations for water and sewer lines, and some private communications, as well as electrical engineering. The 13.8 KV primary-metered, three-phase underground power service designed by GRW will supply the existing Kennedy Bridge, the new I-65 downtown bridge, and a new communications building, which will house intelligent traffic systems equipment used to communicate to the traffic operations management office. GRW also designed the required water system relocations on the Indiana side of the project under a separate contract with Indiana American Water.