Construction Underway on Berea College Forestry Outreach Center

A rendering shows one angle of Berea College's new Forestry Outreach Center designed by GRW. Construction began in August 2016.

A new facility on the campus of Berea College in Berea, KY, is being promoted not only as an educational space that benefits the college, but one that also helps teach the community, including elementary and high school students, about the Berea College Forest.

According to the Berea College website, "the Forest Outreach Center will introduce visitors to the history of the College Forest and the mission of Berea College." In a report in The Richmond Register, Berea College Forester Clint Patterson says, “Now, we can add this forest attraction that will hopefully educate the public about the importance of forestry and natural resource management. With all these projects going on, it is a really good time to be the forester here.”

Designed by GRW, the 5,000 SF outreach center is being constructed adjacent to the trailhead of the Indian Fort Mountain Trails near Berea, KY. Several key spaces included in the design are a large conference room / classroom, a lobby with a forest history display area, a forester office suite for 3 fulltime forestry staff and 4 part-time student staff, and a care taker apartment is incorporated into a second story of the building. The building also includes serveral sustainable design features. Read more here: