Canstruction Teamwork, Creativity, and Lots of Food

From start to finish, Lexington's 2017 Canstruction event was a blend of creativity, sweat, and a competitive, but fun way to collecting food items for God's Pantry Food Bank. 

The ultimate winner of this year's Canstruction event in Lexington, KY, was God's Pantry Food Bank. More than 22,000 items were collected for the organization that serves 50 counties in the Central and Eastern Kentucky regions.

GRW was one of seven teams participating in this year's Canstruction event - the first time in Lexington. Canstruction is described as a charity art exhibition and event featuring structures made by teams entirely out of full cans of food. At the end of exhibitions, all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations. The idea of Canstruction was inspired by a group of New York Architects and Engineers in 1992, according to the Canstruction website.

In addition to most cans, GRW also was proud to bring home prizes for Best Meal, Structural Ingenuity, and Best Original Design.

Lexington's event was initiated and coordiated by AIA East Kentucky. AIA is an organization established, in part, to educate, organize and unite in fellowship the members of the architectural profession.

The seven can-structures incorporated the theme, "Kentucky," in the form of High Bridge (GRW's entry, complete with Highbridge Springs Drinking Water, donated by the company), Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets, Ale-8-One, bourbon, a mint julep, the shape of the state, and, of course, a horse.

Structures were on display at the Lexington Center through December 5, dubbed de-canstruction day.