Mobile District USACE California Coastal Mapping Program

  • Golden Gate Bridge Surveying for California Coastal Mapping Program, San Francisco, CA

GRW’s surveyors participated in the California Coastal Mapping Project, as a subconsultant on a Mobile District, USACE contract.

The scope of work was part of the National Coastal Mapping Program (NCMP), a multi-year enterprise that provides high resolution imagery and elevation data along U.S. shorelines.

Coastal data can be used to monitor beach erosion, manage floodplains, and oversee environmental and man-made alterations.

GRW provided a crew of six surveyors, and equipment for Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) base stations and measurements of LiDAR check points, LiDAR spot elevations and mapping control points.

In addition to collecting conventional photography, the project team flew along the California Coast with two types of LiDAR sensors. One was for seabed off-shore mapping, and the other collected terrestrial data. The project traversed along several picturesque locations and historic areas, including the Golden Gate Bridge, and Cape Mendocino.

GRW is also completing similar coastal mapping projects in the states of Oregon and Washington.