• KYTC US 62, Nelson County, KY

  • KYTC US 62, Nelson County, KY

  • KYTC US 62, Nelson County, KY

This project involved the realignment of a rural collector just west of Bardstown. The existing alignment had numerous geometric deficiencies, which did not allow safe travel at the posted speed. The proposed typical section of US 62 relocation involved a two-lane highway with full width shoulders. Curb and gutter typical sections were developed for the urban portion of the project as it enters Bardstown.

Keeping project on schedule and within budget was a primary emphasis in alternative analysis. GRW developed three alternate alignments for this 1.2-mile section of US 62. The steep terrain in this area required careful attention to the vertical alignment and sight distances. Two public meetings were critical in gaining public input in the design process. After careful consideration of public input and the design issues, a preferred alternate was selected which minimized impacts to the local community development including a church, mobile home park, and several homes and businesses. Approximately 60 properties were researched and analyzed for right of way impacts during preliminary design.

For the final design phase, GRW responsibilities included property owner coordination, property access, right-of-way, and drainage design. Steep ditch design approaching the bridge over Withrow Creek included the use of concrete-lined channel lining. GRW provided layout of the five-span, PCI beam bridge over Withrow Creek, a tributary of the Salt River. Public input revealed a concern for the aesthetic appearance of the proposed bridge, particularly regarding the high anticipated volume of traffic and its proximity to historic Bardstown. Treatment of the piers was also considered during bridge design because of the residential presence along Withrow Creek Road below the proposed bridge.