Hodgenville College Street Drainage Basin Stormwater Improvements

  • College Street Drainage Basin Stormwater Improvements, Hodgenville, KY

Following a watershed/stormwater study for the City, GRW designed recommended stormwater improvements in the lower portion of the College Street drainage basin. Improvements included replacing and upgrading sections of the existing storm piping, re-grading and expanding ditches, and rerouting portions of the storm sewer to improve hydraulics and increase capacity of the storm sewer, as well as to eliminate occurrences of stormwater flows into the sanitary sewer system. The new storm sewer system includes 900 linear feet of 42-inch and 48-inch elliptical concrete pipe. GRW also assisted the City with the identification of funding options and in the funding application processes. Funding for this project was provided through the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority State Revolving Fund Drinking Water and Clean Water programs.