Brownsburg Water Treatment Plant (3.2 MGD)

  • Brownsburg Water Treatment Plant No. 1 (3.2 MGD), Brownsburg, IN

  • Brownsburg Water Treatment Plant No. 1 (3.2 MGD), Brownsburg, IN

GRW designed a new, 3.2 MGD water treatment plant for the Town of Brownsburg, a rapidly growing community located immediately northwest of Indianapolis in Hendricks County, Indiana. 

Located within the existing Arbuckle Acres community park, the plant includes:

  • Forced draft aerator
  • Aeration-detention tank
  • Deep bed scrubber for hydrogen sulfide odor control (from draft aerator exhaust)
  • Two horizontal pressure filters with automated backwash controls, with provisions for future addition of a third filter
  • High service pumping
  • Backwash waste holding tank and pump station
  • Chemical feed systems including on-site sodium hypochlorite generation (with back-up bulk chemical purchase) for pre-oxidation and post-disinfection, orthophosphate for corrosion inhibition, and ammonium sulfate for chloramination
  • 500 kW standby emergency diesel generator
  • 2,700 sf plant building designed with decorative masonry walls and standing seam metal roof for improved aesthetics within the community park setting

Additional improvements included complete demolition of the existing WTP and construction of a new asphalt parking lot; a new park walking trail, a new 700 gpm groundwater well and raw water main, approximately 1,900 LF of 16" finished water main, and new fiber optic conduit parallel to the new water main.  This project was funded through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) low-interest loan program administered by the Indiana Finance Authority.  In addition, as a result of utilizing green/sustainable features in the design, the Town qualified for an additional 0.25% interest rate reduction as part of the SRF Green Project Reserve/Sustainability Incentive program.