West Virginia State Route 10

  • WVDOH West Virginia State Route 10, Logan County, WV

  • WVDOH West Virginia State Route 10, Logan County, WV

West Virginia State Route 10, once considered by some the state’s most dangerous highway, was upgraded from Logan to Man in Logan County, WV. Chapman Technical Group was responsible for the study, design and preparation of construction documents for two sections of the new four-lane highway.

The first section, approximately 1.8 miles long, included two bridges. Chapman Technical Group completed the preliminary design of a new 2,000-foot bridge across the Guyandotte River and construction documents for a new 800-foot bridge across Buffalo Creek (pictured).

The second section included approximately 4 miles of four-lane WV 10, and 0.75 miles of two-lane connector highway. Two two-lane bridges, one across Rum Creek and one across the Guyandotte River, as well as nine major box culverts, were part of the project.

The mountainous terrain of Logan County presented design and construction challenges. Developing mapping and providing the associated field surveying for the existing two-lane highway was particularly difficult, as was the geotechnical investigation. Drill rigs were flown in by helicopter and lowered to bore hole locations due to the inaccessibility of the site.

The project received Engineering Excellence recognition from the WV DOH in 2017.